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I do n’t know what you know about Dongguan phosphor copper belt!

Release date: 2018-05-28 15:55:53
由青铜添加脱气剂磷P含量0.03~0.35%,锡含量5~8%.及其它微量元素如铁Fe,锌Zn等组成延展性,耐疲劳性均佳可用于电气及机械材料,可靠度高于一般铜合金制品。 Dongguan phosphor copper belt is made of bronze with degassing agent P content of 0.03 ~ 0.35%, tin content of 5 ~ 8%, and other trace elements such as iron Fe, zinc Zn and so on. Material, reliability is higher than general copper alloy products.

Phosphor bronze has higher corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and no sparks during impact. For medium speed and heavy load bearings, the maximum working temperature is 250 ℃. With automatic self-aligning, it is not sensitive to deflection, the bearing bears high uniform bearing capacity, can bear radial load at the same time, and self-lubricating without maintenance.

Phosphor copper strip is a kind of alloy copper, which has good electrical conductivity, is not easy to generate heat, ensures safety, and has strong fatigue resistance. The tin-phosphor bronze jack reed has hard-wired electrical structure and no rivet connection or friction contact, which can ensure good contact, good elasticity, and stable insertion. This alloy has excellent machining performance and chip formation performance, which can quickly shorten the part processing time.

Phosphorous copper strips are widely used as intermediate alloys in copper casting, soldering and other fields, and occupy an important place in the development of the national economy.

,是一家高新技术企业,创立于2002年3月,地理位置便利,覆盖珠三角地区,以生产高性能铜合金材料为主的生产型企业, Dongguan Xinfeng Tianying Metal Material Co. , Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise, founded in March 2002, with a convenient location and covering the Pearl River Delta region. It is a production-oriented enterprise mainly producing high-performance copper alloy materials.

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