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An explanation of beryllium bronze density, find out!

Date: 2018-07-03 17:07:06
合金铸锭成分偏析主要是由于金属液体中各种组成物间的密度较大,在冷却较慢时产生上浮或下沉而造成的。 The segregation of beryllium bronze alloy ingots is mainly due to the density of various components in the metal liquid, which is caused by floating or sinking when cooling is slow. His production is related to the cooling rate of the alloy properties, the density, shape and size of the primary crystal, and the casting process. The smaller the cooling rate, the smaller the density of the primary crystals, the larger the size, and the greater the relative movement speed of the liquid and the solid, the better the moon is for the floating of the primary crystals.

When casting in an iron mold with a high casting temperature, a high casting speed, and a small cooling rate, the component segregation is promoted. In addition, when gas is precipitated during the solidification process, primary crystals with a lower density can also be used to float with the gas. The high-performance beryllium bronze has a hardness between 38-43, a density of 8.3g / cm3, and a beryllium content of 1.9% -2.15%. Cooling systems, thermal nozzles, integral cavities for blow molds, automotive molds, wear plates, etc.

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