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What are the performance indicators of beryllium bronze heat treatment?

Release date: 2018-10-18 11:01:55
是沉淀硬化型合金,具有耐磨、耐低温、无磁性、高的导电性、冲击无火花等特点。 Beryllium bronze is a precipitation hardening alloy, which has the characteristics of wear resistance, low temperature resistance, non-magnetic, high electrical conductivity, and no sparks. It also has good fluidity and the ability to reproduce fine patterns. What do you think of the performance index of beryllium bronze heat treatment?
Beryllium bronze

Beryllium bronze heat treatment has high strength limit, elastic limit, yield limit and fatigue resistance equivalent to that of special steel, and at the same time has high electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, high hardness, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, good casting properties, non- Magnetic and non-sparking characteristics are widely used in mold manufacturing, machinery, electronics and other industries.

,是一家高新技术企业,创立于2002年3月,地理位置便利,覆盖珠三角地区,以生产高性能铜合金材料为主的生产型企业, Dongguan Xinfeng Tianying Metal Material Co. , Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise, founded in March 2002, with a convenient location and covering the Pearl River Delta region. It is a production-oriented enterprise mainly producing high-performance copper alloy materials.
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