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Beryllium Copper Strip
  • Beryllium Copper Strip

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  • Product introduction:

    Beryllium bronze is a precipitation hardening alloy. High-performance beryllium copper is mainly around various working conditions of non-ferrous metal low-pressure and gravity casting molds. Through in-depth study of the internal relationship between the cause of failure, composition and resistance to liquid metal erosion of beryllium bronze molds.

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product details:
Beryllium copper strip material: C17200C1720C17000C17300C17500C17510Qbe2Qbe1.9Qbe1.7Qbe0.6-2.5

Qbe0.4-1.8Qbe0.3-1.5Qbe1.9-0.1 and so on.

Specifications: thickness: 0.01-2.0mm, width: 305-600mm.

Hardness: O, 1 / 2H, 3 / 4H, H, EH, SH, etc.