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Beryllium copper mold
  • Beryllium copper mold

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  • Product introduction:

    The beryllium copper mold is added to the cavity core, and the beryllium copper will not be used as the mold completely. Adding beryllium copper to the core cavity can make cooling faster.

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product details:
The high-performance beryllium copper is mainly used in various working conditions of non-ferrous metal low-pressure and gravity casting molds. Through in-depth study of the internal relationship between the failure cause, composition of the beryllium bronze mold material and the resistance to the corrosion of molten metal, it has developed a high conductivity High-performance beryllium bronze mold material combining strength, abrasion resistance, high temperature resistance, high toughness, and resistance to liquid metal corrosion, solves the domestic low-pressure non-ferrous metal, gravity casting molds are easy to crack, easy to wear, etc., and significantly improves the mold life , Demolding speed and casting strength; overcome the metal slag adhesion and erosion of the mold; improve the surface quality of the casting; reduce production costs; make the life of the mold close to the level of imports. High-performance beryllium copper hardness HRC43, density 8.3g / cm3, containing beryllium 1.9% -2.15%, it is widely used in plastic inserts, mold inserts, die casting punches, hot runner cooling systems, thermal nozzles, blowers The overall cavity of plastic mold, automobile mold, etc.