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Explain the three heat treatment methods of beryllium bronze

Date: 2018-06-27 17:08:17
是理想的高导、高强弹性材料。 Beryllium bronze is an ideal high-conductivity, high-strength elastic material. Beryllium bronze is non-magnetic, resistant to sparks, abrasion, corrosion, fatigue and stress relaxation. It has excellent plasticity after solution treatment and can be deformed by cold working. Here are three heat treatment methods to find out!

1.Solution treatment of beryllium bronze

The heating temperature of ordinary solution treatment is between 780-820 ℃. For materials used as elastic components, 760-780 ℃ is used. The first is to avoid coarse grains affecting the strength. The average temperature of the solution furnace should be strictly controlled at ± 5 ℃. Insulation time can generally be calculated as 1 hour / 25mm. When beryllium bronze is subjected to solution heat treatment in air or oxidizing atmosphere, the appearance will form an oxide film. Although it has little effect on the mechanical function after aging strengthening, it will affect the service life of the tooling during cold working. In order to prevent oxidation, it should be heated in a vacuum furnace or ammonia differentiation, inert gas, restorative atmosphere (such as hydrogen, carbon monoxide, etc.), and then obtain bright heat treatment results. In addition, pay attention to shortening the transfer time as much as possible (when quenching), otherwise the mechanical function after aging will be affected. Thin materials must not exceed 3 seconds, and ordinary parts cannot exceed 5 seconds. The quenching medium usually uses water (without heating requirements). Of course, parts with complex shapes can also use oil in order to prevent deformation.

2. Aging treatment of beryllium bronze

The aging temperature of beryllium bronze is related to the content of Be, and alloys containing Be less than 2.1% are suitable for aging treatment. For alloys with Be greater than 1.7%, the best aging temperature is 300-330 ℃, and the heat preservation time is 1-3 hours (depending on the shape and thickness of the part). Highly conductive electrode alloy with Be less than 0.5%, because the melting point increases, the best aging temperature is 450-480 ℃, and the heat preservation time is 1-3 hours. In recent years, two-stage and multi-stage aging have also been developed, that is, short-term aging at high temperature, and then long-term thermal aging at low temperature. The advantage is that the function is improved but the deformation is reduced. In order to improve the dimensional accuracy of beryllium bronze after aging, the clamp can be used for aging, and sometimes two-stage separated aging treatment can also be used.

3. Stress relief of beryllium bronze

Beryllium bronze has an annealing temperature of 150-200 ° C and a holding time of 1-1.5 hours.It can be used to eliminate residual stress due to metal cutting, straightening, cold forming, etc., and maintain the shape and shape of the part during long-term use. Dimensional accuracy.

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