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Briefly introduce the difference between beryllium bronze and tin bronze

Date: 2018-08-01 17:35:45
From the appearance color, beryllium bronze is reddish and tin bronze is bluish yellow. 是一种含铍铜基合金在所有的铍合金中是用途最广的一种。 We all know that beryllium bronze is a copper-based alloy containing beryllium. It is the most widely used of all beryllium alloys. The tin bronze is a bronze with tin as the main alloying element. The tin content is generally between 3 and 14%. The difference between beryllium bronze and tin bronze is explained in detail below.

Properties of Beryllium Bronze:

1. Sufficient hardness and strength. After many tests, engineers were able to find out and master the best precipitation hardening conditions and the best working conditions for beryllium copper alloys, as well as the diffusion characteristics of beryllium copper. Prelude to the market); Beryllium copper materials need to go through multiple rounds of tests before being applied to plastic molds to finally determine the best physical properties and chemical composition that are compatible with manufacturing and processing; Proof of theory and practice-Beryllium copper When the hardness is HRC36-42, it can reach the hardness, strength, high thermal conductivity suitable for plastic mold manufacturing requirements, simple and convenient machining, long mold life, and saving development and production cycles.

2. Good thermal conductivity. The thermal conductivity of the beryllium copper material is beneficial to control the temperature of the plastic processing mold, and it is easier to control the molding cycle. At the same time, it can ensure the uniformity of the mold wall temperature. If compared with the steel mold, the beryllium copper molding cycle is much smaller. The average temperature can be reduced by about 20%. When the difference between the average stripping temperature and the average wall temperature of the mold is small (for example, when the mold parts are not easily cooled), the beryllium copper mold material is used, and the cooling time can be reduced by 40%. The mold wall temperature is only reduced by 15%; the characteristics of the above beryllium copper mold material will bring several benefits to the mold manufacturers using this material, shortening the molding cycle and increasing productivity; the uniformity of the mold wall temperature is good, and the quality of the drawn product is improved; The mold structure is simplified because the cooling pipes are reduced; the material temperature can be increased, thereby reducing the wall thickness of the product and reducing the cost of the product.

Characteristics of tin bronze:

In addition to 3% to 14% tin, tin bronze is often added with elements such as phosphorus, zinc, and lead. It is the earliest alloy applied by human beings, and has been used for about 4000 years. It is resistant to corrosion and abrasion, has good mechanical properties and process properties, and can be well welded and brazed without sparks during impact. Divided into processed tin bronze and cast tin bronze. The tin content of tin bronze used for pressure processing is less than 6% to 7%, and the tin content of cast tin bronze is 10% to 14%. Common grades are QSn4-3, QSn4.4-2.5, QSn7-O.2, ZQSn10, ZQSn5-2-5, ZQSN6-6-3 and so on. Tin bronze is a non-ferrous metal alloy with the smallest casting shrinkage. It can be used to produce castings with complex shapes, clear contours and low air tightness requirements. Tin bronze is very corrosion resistant in the atmosphere, sea water, fresh water and steam, and is widely used in steam boilers and ship parts. Phosphorous tin bronze has good mechanical properties and can be used as wear-resistant parts and elastic parts of high-precision work machine. Lead-containing tin bronze is often used as wear-resistant parts and sliding bearings, and zinc-containing tin bronze can be used for high air-tight castings.

,是一家高新技术企业,创立于2002年3月,地理位置便利,覆盖珠三角地区,以生产高性能铜合金材料为主的生产型企业, Dongguan Xinfeng Tianying Metal Material Co. , Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise, founded in March 2002, with a convenient location and covering the Pearl River Delta region. It is a production-oriented enterprise mainly producing high-performance copper alloy materials.

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