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It turns out that beryllium bronze elastic parts also play an important role!

Date: 2018-08-22 17:10:08
普遍是铜合金中强度并具有高弹性系数,具有弹性材料特性。 Beryllium bronze is generally a copper alloy with high strength and high elastic coefficient, and has elastic material characteristics. In addition, it has excellent heat resistance, fatigue resistance, corrosion resistance, electrical properties, more free space in part design, making parts smaller, and it is indeed an advanced raw material.
Beryllium bronze

The ductility is good before aging hardening treatment, and the aging hardening treatment improves fatigue resistance and electrical properties. Aging hardening treatment should be performed after processing. Another type is called Mill-harden material, that is, the material which has been aged hardened beforehand in the factory is also widely used.

,是一家高新技术企业,创立于2002年3月,地理位置便利,覆盖珠三角地区,以生产高性能铜合金材料为主的生产型企业, Dongguan Xinfeng Tianying Metal Material Co. , Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise, founded in March 2002, with a convenient location and covering the Pearl River Delta region. It is a production-oriented enterprise mainly producing high-performance copper alloy materials.

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