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Buy these beryllium copper strips, these issues need attention

Date: 2018-11-24 16:23:47
是沉淀硬化型合金。 Beryllium bronze is a precipitation hardening alloy. High-performance beryllium copper is widely used in various industries mainly around various working conditions of non-ferrous metal low-pressure and gravity casting molds. But when purchasing beryllium copper tape, many people don't know what to pay attention to. Don't panic, listen to what Xiaofeng Xinfeng's editor said!
Beryllium Copper Strip

1. It is best to choose a reputable manufacturer for purchasing beryllium copper strips, which is more guaranteed in quality. If you choose those beryllium copper strips produced by unknown brand manufacturers, there may be flaws in the quality. If there are any invisible flaws inside, it is deceiving consumers.

2. Choose those beryllium copper strips with high cost performance, because the products on the market are expensive and cheap, but is it really proportional to the quality? In fact, it does not exist. In order to obtain private benefits and deceive those ignorant consumers, some manufacturers charge a lot of money, the price is expensive, and the quality is poor. Therefore, we must shop around and analyze in this regard.

3. When purchasing beryllium copper strip, pay attention to the manufacturer's qualifications and word of mouth. It is best to ask the manufacturer for customers who have cooperated in the past. If there are no problems, then you can rest assured.

,是一家高新技术企业,创立于2002年3月,地理位置便利,覆盖珠三角地区,以生产高性能铜合金材料为主的生产型企业, Dongguan Xinfeng Tianying Metal Material Co. , Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise, founded in March 2002, with a convenient location and covering the Pearl River Delta region. It is a production-oriented enterprise mainly producing high-performance copper alloy materials.
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